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Saddle Horse Breeders Society of South Africa

Welcome to Saddle Horse Breeders Society of South Africa


We are the official body overseeing the breeding, registering and showing of Saddle Horses in South Africa



It should be the objective of each person, in which ever way he be involved with Saddle horses, to promote the well being of Saddle horses in general and to do whatever is required to make provision for retired Saddle horses.


  Saddle Horses As a Sport

As an equestrian sport the Saddle Horse is unknown mainly due to the fact that equitation is not an Olympic sport. South Africa initiated an international competition known as The World Cup, initially only between South Africa and the United States of America.

This competition has grown in stature to the extent that in 1996 the aforementioned countries were joined by Canada, Namibia and the United Kingdom.


  Saddle Horse Breeders News

The Saddle Horse and Affiliates Meeting to take place on from 9 - 11 August in Bloemfontein.   View the full itinerary


  Saddle Horse National Championship

Don't miss the 2016 Saddle Horse Championship to be held at the Bloem Show in Bloemfontein on 25 April 2016. Find out more about the entry fees, program, rules and general information. More details


  Rule Book

VERY IMPORTANT to familiarise yourself with the latest Rules and Rule Changes. Make sure that you are well informed about these rules, as well as the Drug Rules, Prohibited Substances, and the prescribed Veterinary Treatment Forms. View the Rule Book

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